September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

September 5, 2012

It is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and we here at Gold Ribbon Campaign want to know what you are doing to promote it. Gold ribbons on your home, signs, car magnets? Driving around London I have seen different ways of spreading awareness about our cause.  We challenge you to do something, take a picture and send it to us. We would love to see what is happening in your community to promote a  very under promoted disease that affects thousands of children across our great country. If you send us a picture we will post it on our Facebook page.  Do it for your child, your grandchild or even the kid down the street. Whoever it is, you are on this site for a reason, why not let someone know? This is a pic of our house and just one of the ways we are promoting awareness in our community.




 I would like to share with you a letter written by one of our Moms to her local newspaper editor. 

Dear Editor,

The silence surrounding Childhood Cancers is deafening especially for the 10,000 Canadian children currently fighting for their lives. It is true that many now stand a good chance of survival but what about the long term consequences of the chemo, radiation and surgeries they need just for that chance at survival. In many cases it will leave them with long term health concerns from blindness, partial or total hearing loss to mobility issues and much more. Yes, a chance at life it worth that gamble, but more can and should be done to lessen the impact on their young bodies.

If the silence surrounding Childhood Cancers wasn’t so deafening, headlines across Canada and news broadcasts would scream of the eight Canadian children murdered by this silent killer each and every day and of the four others permanently injured. We would hear that Canada Post doesn’t believe over 25,000 letters of support warrant putting the gold ribbon, the symbol of childhood cancer, on a postage stamp or that our own federal government refuses to acknowledge the impact of childhood cancers by agreeing to light up the Parliament Buildings in gold for a day or designate an official day of awareness.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and it is about time the world knew about Childhood Cancers and its impact on the lives of innocent young children. It is a local issue, it is an issue that affects children in your neighbourhood, but it continues to be swept under the rug because apparently no one wants to see or hear about a five week old infant screaming in pain while a terrified parent holds his hand tight and eight nurses hold him down to try and get another blood sample. Especially when told that this young infant may only have a 20 per cent chance at life. No one wants to hear about the two- year-old, the four-year-old or the 10-year-old, diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour, who must undergo 72 weeks of chemo and radiation just to halt the growth of the tumour.

Perhaps the world believes we should remain silent but after all these children do to fight for their very existence, it is time to take action. On September 15, join the Second Annual Day of Action and Awareness for Childhood Cancer will bring childhood cancer warriors, survivors, their family, friends and neighbours and the families of our angels to Toronto for a day. It culminates when the CN Tower is lit up in gold to honour our young heroes and angels.

Or, you could make a difference by donating to the cause. Children who are fighting this merciless disease typically require units of blood to help keep their numbers up so they can continue to receive cancer treatment. The Gold Ribbon Campaign has initiated a new campaign to encourage Canadians to donate blood to help these children and others. Blood donation is easy and only takes a few minutes of your time and yet can make an enormous difference for childhood cancer warriors as well as so many others. Register online during the month of September at It is as simple as entering Partner ID GOLD013121. The next clinic in Stratford is September 25 at the Christian Reformed Church from 1:30 to 7:30 p.m.


Elaine Pennington, mother of a childhood cancer warrior


Here is an email we received from another Mom that came with a photo of her donating blood for the first time!

 Along with the extensive list of achievements you already have under your belt, here is yet another:

That’s right, Steph — YOU are responsible for moving me from something I always planned to do “someday” to actually DOING IT … TODAY!!!   I was unable to make it for your kickoff last week (although, the Canadian Blood Services refreshment lady said it was really nice when you all went in!), but I definitely wanted to have it done during Childhood Cancer Month and also, ensure my donation was under your Gold Ribbon Campaign / Partners for Life program.


Sincere thanks, Stephanie, for ALL that you have done, and continue to do, in raising awareness for and honouring every child touched by childhood cancers!!


The *********** family is looking forward to seeing you at the CN Tower in Toronto this month!!


Your staunch supporter, always!

Heather ***********.




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