Chemo Dosage Issue in Ontario

April 3, 2013

In late fall of 2005 Renee and I sat in an office at NYU Medical Centre in New York City. Stephanie was recovering from having her third brain tumour resected. She had already endured 30 rounds of radiation earlier in the fall after the second tumour was resected. We were discussing with Steph’s US neurosurgeon and oncologist what our next move would be to save Stephanie. This is what we were told, “at this point you have to hit it with everything you have”. You have to hit it hard, you cannot give this disease a chance”. Back in London, Renee, Stephanie, and I along with Steph’s oncologist Dr. Cairney decided that was what we would do, and so began the rounds of a nasty protocol nicknamed “ICE”.

Today, it is throughout the media that as many as 1000 cancer patients including children have received cancer treatment with a reduced dose, some for as long as a year!! How does this happen in 2013? Are there no checks and balances? McDonalds has better quality control. Seems wherever government is involved things tend to go wrong. Who is going to pay for this?  Who is going to be held accountable, our health minister, the supplier,the facilities? Well we know it won’t be our health minister seeing her previous track record of debacles and recently being awarded Deputy Premier despite them. You know who will pay the price? Your child and the front line workers! Your child because they may have to endure more treatments than originally planned. Your child’s oncologist because he or she is the one calling with the news that your child was affected. Who else are you going to yell at?  Call the heath minister’s office and they’ll just hang up on you!  A quote from our health minister;  “We must take this very seriously,” she said. “Although oncologists tell me the likelihood of this having a serious impact on patients is slight, it is a very clear indication that we need to be ever vigilant.”

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From the LHSC website found here : LHSC   “Although this issue resulted in a reduced dose of medications in treatment, the probability that this single factor alone has had an overall serious effect is small.”

Those statements right there is why I talked about the fall of 2005. I sure would like to know what oncologists are giving out information like that because the oncologists I’ve dealt with would have a different opinion! If this is the case why was Stephanie weighed before every round of chemo administered? Knowing the devastating effects cancer treatments have on children, why the hell do we give them so much if “serious impact on patients is slight” with 20% less! It enrages me that these people think we are sheep that know nothing and will feel all warm and fuzzy when they tell us everything will be ok. STOP, It’s not ok! Would it be ok if it was your child Ms. health minister? How about you Mr. CEO of Marchese Hospital Solutions?  “You cannot give cancer a chance”  not even 20%!!

For parents who’s child has been affected there will be information sessions at LHSC

For paediatric patients:

Monday, April 8 at 7:00pm
Tuesday, April 9 at 7:00 pm
Children’s Hospital (at Victoria Hospital)

800 Commissioners Road East, London ON

Room B5 – 118

There is also an information line you can call.

  • For paediatric patients: Call 519-685-8806 or toll free 1-855-464-3253 available daily from 9am to 5pm starting April 3, 2013.

More info can be found on their website

LHSC Info:

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