National Day of Awareness and Action for Childhood Cancer!

August 5, 2013

Mark your calendars, Saturday September 21st for the Gold Ribbon Campaign’s “Day of Action and Awareness for Childhood Cancer!” We have been working on planning our event for this year. The girls have secured 3 buses from Badder Bus lines again this year for those of you wishing to take the bus. If you wish to reserve a seat on a bus please e-mail me by using the “contact us ” button. Also, info sheets are available from Evelyn at the PMDU.

Formal invites will be going out to all pediatric cancer support organizations and treatment centres.

We will have a full schedule of how the day will look as it nears and everything is in place.

We are trying to spread awareness across the country via different campaigns ie; our Blood Services campaign.  We love the support the Childhood cancer “community” has given us and we love putting this day on for each and every one of you in attendance, but realistically you all are already aware of the devastating effects this disease has on our children…right?  We the siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, grammas and grampas etc.. of these children are a small group compared to any one of the adult cancer “communites”. We need our children’s voices to be heard or there will be no change! Major Cancer foundations will continue to invest measly single digit percentages of their millions upon millions of dollars taken in year after year! One or two new Child specific treatments will trickle out over two or three decades! Is this what we are willing to accept, the “status quo?” “A small price to pay for her to still be with us”? I’ve heard these words or similar about my Stephanie. I understand where these words come from, I know people mean well and I appreciate that, BUT……the price Stephanie and children like her is in NO WAY SHAPE OR FORM A “SMALL PRICE” PAID!! Imagine if Stephanie survived three brain tumours using treatments that didn’t take her to the brink of death, or ruin her vision, or take her hearing, her ability to walk, cause her strokes and the many other LIFE LONG side effects she suffers! Just imagine if that were the case. Well my friends without awareness that will never ever happen! If you plan to attend our event this year, tell your neighbour, or co-worker and ask them to come out. Share it with all your facebook friends. Tweet it. Share the girls’ page. Put a gold ribbon on your car, house or business. There are many ways to spread awareness, just gotta get out there and do it!

To help cover costs of this year’s event the Gold Ribbon Campaign is selling a few fun little “GOLD” items you can wear to the event and any day of the week. Anyone interested can e-mail me through the contact us button. We can ship them to you at your cost if you like.  Anyone visiting Children’s Hospital in London can visit Evelyn or Tracy at the PMDU to buy them. Click the images to enlarge them.

First is our Gold Angel Charm- $5.00

Stephanie threw her clutch in there for an idea of what this little angle can be used for.

Stephanie threw her clutch in there for an idea of what this little angle can be used for.














Our Gold Angel Bookmarks- $6.00

Gold Angel Bookmark











Gold Angel Lanyards with “Quick Release”-$10.00

These lanyards have a quick release so they can be used safely by hospital staff.

These lanyards have a quick release so they can be used safely by hospital staff.













Gold Bracelets-$10.00

This is one example. Actual item may be different.

This is one example. Actual item may be different.









Gold Angel Earrings-$10.00










GRC CBS Partners for Life is going great, thank you to everyone who has signed up to be an ambassador family and thank you to every kind person who has donated…our kids count on thoughtful and generous people like yourselves. GOLD013121 is our PFL#

GRC Partners for Life


We would like to welcome our new friends from Ottawa. The are trying to get Parliament Hill to light in Gold for September 21st. They have asked us to share their petition with you.

Please click the link and sign it. CLICK HERE


Last but certainly not least. Please, Please, Please send Stephanie’s Stamp Campaign Facebook Page out and ask everyone to like and share it. 1500 likes in almost a year is pretty sad considering the signature campaign garnered over 25 000 signed letters in a matter of months.

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