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Gold Ribbon Campaign

Stephanie is a young lady that has been involved with childhood cancer since she was first diagnosed in 2004. She and her family have been actively involved in many events that help spread awareness about childhood cancers, from speaking at conferences, to raising funds for research and participating in relays and other fundraisers. Now she wants to make others in Canada aware of how widespread childhood cancer is. With help from her family and friends, Stephanie has launched a Canada Wide awareness campaign. Stephanie wants everyone to know what the GOLD RIBBON stands for. Many other organizations have saturated the media and the retail world with their “colour” to raise awareness, so Stephanie is hoping to do the same with the GOLD RIBBON .

Although not officially named, the Gold Ribbon Campaign really started after 2004 when Stephanie Simmons recovered from her first brain tumour surgery. While learning to walk, talk and breathe again, the family looked around and realized how little attention childhood cancers get. They thought if there were 10,000 Canadian children on treatment, why didn’t they hear much about it? Cancer is the leading disease related cause of death among kids in Canada after the first year of life. More deaths than asthma, diabetes, cystic fibrosis and AIDS combined but you don’t hear about it. Everyone knows about the impact asthma and diabetes has. Cystic Fibrosis and AIDS have big campaigns that put out all kinds of advertising. Where’s the Childhood Cancer movement?

The family started writing letters, making phone calls, sending emails and talking to people. They approached everyone they could think of trying to get someone to take the leap and support the effort to raise awareness for childhood cancer . The campaign was born. The gold ribbon is the universal symbol of childhood cancer and everywhere they looked, the only thing they could see was PINK! If companies can put a pink ribbon on a cell phone or a day planner, why not gold? When the Canadian Mint came out with the pink ribbon quarter, Stephanie contacted them to see if they would do a gold ribbon quarter for the 10000 Canadian children fighting cancer. She was turned down. For the Simmons family, no is not an option. With the help of other young people, and a few adults, Stephanie sent an application to Canada Post with hopes of convincing them to create a commemorative Gold Ribbon postage stamp. They got the written support of over 20,000 Canadians! They’re also asking the Royal Canadian Mint again to issue a Gold Ribbon quarter. Maybe one of these will be a symbol of hope and unity for the 10,000 kids living with cancer in Canada on any given day. Gold Ribbon Campaign wants to honour the kids that have lost their battle and thank the survivors. The data collected from these 2 groups has helped the researchers and doctors develop the protocols that are still being used to save lives today.

Please wear a GOLD Ribbon and tell people about the kids you’re wearing it for. Visit our website and please share the website with your contact list and ask them to do the same. Contact your MP’s and ask them to support the Gold Ribbon Campaign, Irene Mathyssen (London -Fanshawe MP) has been very supportive and quite helpful with the campaign. Donate blood, platelets or plasma. If you’re in the position to donate to research or support programs….do it! When you see one of our kids, don’t wince…..give them a smile and tell them to keep up the great work! The Simmons are just one family, trying to promote Childhood cancer awareness through the Gold Ribbon Campaign. They’re hopeful that with your help the Gold Ribbon will one day become as prominent as the pink ribbon, because they’re sure that it too started out small with someone supporting someone they loved!

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