Thanks & Feedback

If you sent in one letter, or shared your letter among co-workers, family, friends, school or your club; If you posted our link to your social networking site, advertised it on your intraweb, emailed it to your contact list or stuck it on a bulletin board somewhere; If you did anything to add your voice to the GOLD RIBBON CAMPAIGN then YOU MADE A DIFFERENCE. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Here are some of the groups that have made our letter available: We can’t possibly list every individual, but if you want to be mentioned, drop us an email and let us know. If you’re not on this list, please don’t think we don’t appreciate what you’ve done. Just let us know we’ve overlooked you and we’ll fix it.

Irene Mathyssen, MP London Fanshawe
Clarke Road Secondary School
Sterling Marking Products Inc.
CAW, Local 1520
CAW National
Lord Nelson Public School
Van Luyk Embroidery
Canadian Army online forums
Mr. Cybulski’s Grade 7/8 class,Tecumseh P.S.
Mr. Larose’s Period 1 Grade 10 Music class, South Collegiate Institute
Mrs. Brodksy’s Period 2 Grade 10 Math class, South Collegiate Institute
Mr. Potters Grade 10 English classes, South Collegiate Institute
Ms. Iellamo’s Period 5 Food and Nutrition Class
John R. O’Toole, MPP Durham
St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School
Canada Glass
CKNX in Wingham
Ingersoll Community Christmas village
X-FM News Jaynel White and Taylor Whitmore
Oil Gard
Saint Thomas Aquinas SS
The Colton Family
The Stapleton Family
The Aversa Family
The Warren Family
The Beck Family
Carstar, East London
The PMDU Staff
Nursing staff on the 7th Floor
Rowbust Dragonboat Team
Kelseys Restaurants
The Power Station
Murree Flowers
The Esthene Centre for Dental Aesthetics.
Michele Taras Photography
Rob & Staff at Prescription Centre Pharmacy, Westminster Hospital (Commissioners Rd. E.)
Keppel Sarawak Publice School, Hayley Nuttall
Ethan and his classmates at Cleardale Public School
East Elgin Secondary School
Kids n Bits Equestrian (Petra)
Portugal Imports
Special thanks to Elaine and John for helping us get so much newspaper coverage.

Here is some of the email feedback we’ve received.

Thanx for sharing Renee. The story is great and Ethan’s enthusiasm is truly inspiring. Stephnaie is the spark that ignites the enthusiasm in all of us. Let me tell you….people are truly amazing me. People are asking for copies to take with them to get them filled out, I had one fellow print off 100 forms as I ran out. The one place I ran out of forms they went online and printed some off and returned them to me filled out. Another lady took one copy and said she would make photo copies, take them to her workplace, and forward them to Canada Post. WOW!!!! Several of them shared their stories and expressed their full support to the cause. What Steph and your entire family are doing is a marvelous thing. Good on you all. You don’t need to worry about getting copies to me this weekend as a kind soul printed some off for me. = ) All of you have a great weekend as well. Blessings, Sonj

Great job girls! Very inspiring!. Many people are oblivious that so many children are forced to fight cancer each year. Emotional support is so incredibly powerful! You are all in our prayers! Kate

Best wishes Steph…you are truly amazing! Keep well… Regards, Betty

Here you go………..Good Luck!!! Cathy

My prayers and thoughts are with you Stephanie! Paul

Thanks for the opportunity to participate. Great idea, amazing people. Heidi

Hi.. I am working on getting some signatures for you.. I believe this is a very worthwhile cause…and think it is great.. Glenda

Let’s all get together behind this most worthy cause…let’s put an end to Cancer. Tina

Hi I almost forgot to do this – I’m asking my staff to do one each as well. Thanks, and good luck!! John

I hope this helps!! Good Luck! Jessica

Hi Stephanie, Good luck on your campaign. You are doing a great thing for a great cause. Jessica

Good luck! Cheryl

Hi Stephanie! Great job! It’s a wonderful campaign. Tamara

I do support this VERY worthy cause Susan

Great Idea, cant wait to buy the stamp!!! Shannon

Good luck!!! I will send to everyone I know too! Richelle

Well done girls…. we are proud of you. Sarah

Amazing video! Rav and Jenny

“10,000 children living with cancer”…I had no idea but now, thanks to you Stephanie, I do along with many, many, other. I can’t wait to see your Gold Ribbon Commerative Stamp and will definitely think of you when I do. Thanks Dianne

Hi, I have attached the campaign letter to show my support for this special commemorative stamp. Good luck with this endeavour! Bryan

Hi, Attached is the campaign letter – good luck with the campaign! Stephanie YOU ARE DOING AMAZING WORK AND THIS CAMPAIGN IS SO INCREDIBLE! I feel so proud to support this cause and the amazing family behind it! Taylor

Hello, Here is my signed support form. I believe what you are doing is amazing! Good luck reaching your goal! I will pass this on to my family and friends. Jessica

What a wonderful video and website! Cathy

Go Stephanie! Laura

Attached is my form for the campaign. Wishing you all best of luck. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers Diana

Attached is my support for Stephanie. Good luck on accomplishing her goal. Tina

Good luck with the campaign! Steve

Hopefully this may help your campaign. Ted

Great Job! All the best! Dawn

Dear Sir or Madam, I know of families and individuals touched by Childhood Cancer and wish to voice my support for this worthwhile endeavour. Sincerely, Catherine

Hi Stephanie, Please add my letter to your campaign. Thanks, Tom

Hi, Please see the attached petition letter. I am happy to help your cause. I am also doing this for a little girl who lost her fight last June. She was a happy beautiful girl too. All the best with your campaign. I hope Canada Post goes ahead with the stamp. Cheryl

I support Stephenie’s campaign to get a commemorative stamp for childhood cancer Gina

Attached is my completed campaign letter to help Stephanie reach her goal. What a great way to raise awareness and honour all the kids that have battled cancer, those that have lost and those that continue to fight…like my son. Bless you and Good Luck Janine

Good Luck! Margaret

Hello: Thank you for organizing this campaign, Stephanie. It is a wonderful tribute to all cancer survivors and for those children who have lost their battle. Attached please find my signed petition letter. Sincerely, Josie

Stephanie, congratulations on your fight, and your determination. You are a true hero and inspiration to us all. All the best, Nicky

My name is Bernadette and my son has primary liver cancer. I hope that adding my name to the list will help. Good luck with this and thank you! Bernadette

I hope that Canada Post thinks that it Christmas all over again because they are going to receive so many letters regarding your campaign! Sincerely, Laura

Stephanie, you are truly an inspiration to us all. Supporting survivors and never forgetting our little angel hero’s by promoting awareness for childhood cancer thru a postage stamp is a wonderful idea. I also like the idea for the quarter and we would be happy and proud to support you in that effort as well. Thanks for all that you are doing. Lynn

I am honoured to support such a great cause! Natasha

I applaude you all for the efforts you are making in bringing awareness to Childhood Cancer. Stephanie, thank you….. you just might bring my dreams come true. My very best wishes for a happy holiday and a successful campaign. Lorraine

Please add my name to the list Carol

Please accept this petiton in honour of the GoldRibbon Campaign. All the best to you in your quest to honour and remember families. This is of great importance!!! God bless you. Sincerely, Charlene

Will send to as many people as I can and I’m sure that this stamp will happen. Sincerely Judith

Attached. Good Luck, I hope to see the stamp. Mike

All the best! Phillip

Good luck! Debbie

Dear Stephanie, We are with you and wish you and your family the very best. Warm regards, Varsha

Please find attached our support for the commemorative Gold Ribbon stamp. We look forward to seeing it in the near future. Take Care Jenn

Good luck! Julie

Dear Stephanie & Family, I am behind you 100% – keep up the good work at raising awareness! Having a sister myself, I know how awesome it is to have that kind of support. They are always in your corner – no matter what. It’s pretty amazing isn’t it? And with your Gold Ribbon Campaign you have even more support in your corner. Go Stephanie! I hope to be able to put a Gold Ribbon stamp on all my Christmas cards by next year:) All the Best, Lisa

Good luck with this great idea! Greg

Good luck Steph :) Lesley

I 100% support this cause! You’re doing amazing work Stephanie :) Amanda

I truly hope that this will come through. Diane

Well Done!! Alan

Great idea! Good luck and thank you for doing this. Thanks Dave

Good luck, great job! Denise

Best of luck on this most worthy initiative. Ted

Good Luck Steph!! Heather

Good Luck. Jenn

Good Luck. Excellent Idea. All the best. Ted

Please find attached, signed petition from myself and my husband. We hope this dream comes true, it’s a wonderful idea! Jennifer

I hope the dream comes true. Ralph

Stephanie was two when she lived next door to us. She is a brave girl and we have supported her family for years. Thanks, Debbie

The following attachment is our support for Stephanie’s campaign. Thanks so much! Rita

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